1. Please review the WEB PAGE occasionally for further information regarding future UPC Activities.
2. Vinnie’s Rock Shop is cancelled until further notice.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

For those of you who are in need of some strumming during this quarantine
Check out these web, face book and you tube sites for some ukulele fun:

Ukulele Tutorials and Play Alongs on YouTube:
Christopher Davis-Shannon: ukulele tutorials and play alongs.
Dani Usero: tutorials on youtube, DaniUkuleleWorld.
Zander Bauch: listen to good ukulele playing and singing.
Nico Perez: again, listen to good ukulele playing.
Kevin Presbrey Ukulele: AllForUke, tutorials and play alongs.
Abby Lyons: sing-along, tutorial, listen to Abby play and sing.
The Uke Revolution, Brooke Palmer, sing along, tutorial, listen to Brooke play and sing.
Sho Humphries: play along and listen to Sho play the ukulele.
Cynthia Lin Music, lots of tutorials and sing-alongs
Ukulele Mike Lynch: the granddaddy of uke teachers, tutorials and play-alongs.
Ukulele Go: lessons, blogs, and so much more.
EZ Folks:   Chords and lyrics for songs.
Aldrine Guerrero: lessons and play-alongs.

Web Sites

Stu Fuchs: Ukulele Zen, lessons and play-alongs.

Terry Carter:

Ten Thumbs:  Check the tutorials on playing songs.

When we return:
Come join us in our new home -- The Grand Canyon Room at Everglades Recreation Center.  Doors open at 1:00PM every Thursday.  Click here for more information.  Click here for directions.

Reservations are no longer needed.  Everglades Rec Center has seating for over 200 strummers.

Read the latest "Newsletter" for up-to-date news, notes and kudos. It is no longer sent by email. 

We continue to edit our song format to make our songs easier for everyone to read.

SONGBOOKS:  Latest edition of our UPC Songbook (9/2019) now available for $10.00.  Packets of new songs available for $2.00.  (Please have correct change.)  The UPC Songbook, The UPC Christmas Songbook, and the Ukes on the Square Songbook are also available online in DropBox.  Send request to: 

Club Shirts are available.  Click here for more info.

The UPC Performance Group is available to provide entertainment for local clubs and groups. 

Strum With Us

Playing the ukulele is one of the fastest growing crazes not only in The Villages but in the country.  Over 100 ukulele players have been meeting regularly at Lake Miona on Thursday afternoons for 90 minutes of singing and strumming for 7 years.   On January 30, 2020, we moved to our new location: Everglades Rec Center.  Singers come to the mikes to sing but everyone plays as music is shown on the screen for all to see.   No need to worry about hitting a wrong note: with so many ukuleles no one will know.  Besides, how many balls did Tiger hit before he won a tournament?  Come wearing a frown and leave wearing a smile.

See you Thursday at Everglades Rec Center: 1:45PM for classes, 2:30PM for play.  Doors open at 1:30PM.