Notice: 3/16/20.  1:00PM:

1. Please review the WEB PAGE occasionally for further information
regarding future UPC Activities.
2. Vinnie’s Rock Shop is cancelled until further notice
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Direction and maps to the Everglades Recreation Center are available here.

Year-in-Review - Catch up with what UPC has done in the past year. You'll be amazed!

The Performance Group will be busy.  Click here to see our schedule.


Thursday’s Session in Review

We'll be back when this is over.
In the mean time.....Thank You to all these folks who make the Ukulele Players Club Thursday’s sessions successful:
Dennis our Maestro, sound engineer and Performance Group Leader; Jean the UPC Librarian, projectionist and bassist; Our Ukulele Foster Parents who bring, set up and tune our 40 loaner ukes; Claire, Vinnie and Chris our Class teachers; Frank who sells the UPC Song Books and Updates; Bud, Jackie, Carol, Donna on the projector and Bill and Debby our Emcees; Jean and John, our resident bassists and Frank for our official UPC Name Tags. Mark steps in as our Maestro as needed.

We are still unsure of the number of Performances the UPC Performance Group has in the coming weeks. Some have rescheduled and the dates are posted. If you are interested please contact Dennis at the address below.  All are welcome........ Dennis

Vinnie’s Rock Shop postponed until further notice.

The success of our UPC sessions is directly attributed to the many talented singers who perform weekly so our members can Sit, Smile, Sing and Strum to the joyous sounds of their marvelous music. Please thank them when you have the chance, they do a great job......

Meeting Etiquette

  • Maintaining the clear aisles and doorways during the sessions. Now we can all try to work on "NO NOODLING.”
  • REFRAINING FROM ALL UKULELE ACTIVITY (including tuning) in the Everglades Recreation Center LOBBY and surrounding rooms
  • "Loaner Book" Policy: We have 5 updated "Loaner Books" which can be used during our sessions.
    Please DO NOT remove pages from the Loaner Books.
  • Lost Items: All found items will be turned in at the front desk at the Everglades Recreation Center. We will not drag the items around looking for the owners.

Please let us know if you participated in a recent we can put you in our “CREDITS” Section.

Support our Members

Most of these appearances have been canceled due to the Quarantine Mandate.  Please keep them in mind when we are allowed back to business.

• Mark solos with Sparkey’s Strummers during their weekly practice sessions at the Savannah Recreation Center every Thursday at 9 AM.
• Mark, also known as “MrBluSkies,” is available for appearances at private parties and other entertainment venues. Contact him or go to his website at
• Bobby plays and solos with the Blue Grass Performance Club at the Sea Breeze Recreation Center every Wednesday at 1 PM.
• If you are participating in a performance event open to the public and would like to use this NEWSLETTER to promote it, please give Tim ALL the information (a leaflet, handout, etc) so we can get ALL the info in the appropriate NEWSLETTER.