Updated Schedule for UPC Sessions:
1:00 PM Doors open / Set Up / Seating


1:30 PM Announcements/Direction/Protocols - Social Distancing Reminder

1:40 PM Open Play

  • 4 Designated Singers, 1 per Mic
  • 6’+ Apart, facing the stage
  • Singers change weekly, see Tim to volunteer for the next week.
  • Predetermined menu
  • Audience Members refrain from singing

2:40 PM Dismissal / Break Down.

  • No Classes at this time.
  • No coffee.
  • One hour long session (to start)
  • Seating plan allots for 8 rows with 8 seats , 64 total Capacity. No moving chairs. Accommodations will be handled by Everglades RC Staff.
  • No Loaner Books
  • Mandatory sign ins: Name and Phone Number
  • First come first served.
  • Materials displayed on the screen and will be UPC Performance Group Menu. (First Session Back)
  • UPC Sound System only, utilizing four designated mics.
  • Singers will consist of four designated persons (2 male-2 Female.) One per mic., facing stage, 6’+ apart.
  • Audience Members requested to wear masks and stay seated.
  • Audience Members will please refrain from singing due to 20’ spray area.

At this time masks are REQUESTED NOT MANDATORY for the recreation centers. We strongly encourage our members to utilize masks during our sessions. Trusting our members with decisions regarding their own health issues is Ok as long as minimum set guidance is followed – so your decisions are not putting others at risk.

Other Ukulele Clubs 

We have been notified of the following activities by other ukulele friendly clubs.

The Hummers and Strummers Club: Will resume weekly meetings at 10 AM on 11/10 at the Bridgeport R.C. 

Banjolele Strings Club: will resume meeting on Tues, 11/10 at 12:00 Noon at the O’Dell R.C.

The Villages Ukulele Club: will be meeting on Tues., 10/27 at 4:00 PM at the South Pavilion in Sumter, across the street from Sonny's Barbecue parking lot..


Thursday’s Session in Review

Thank You to all these folks who made this last UPC session successful. 
Dennis our Maestro, sound engineer and Performance Group Leader;
Jean the UPC Librarian, projectionist, attendance director and bassist;
John on the bass;
Dennis, Diane, Debbie and Marc for an hour long amazing performance;
Our Volunteer singers for the 10/29 session are Dennis, Debbie, Carol and Wayne;
Thank you Darry and Raye for signing folks in;
Fred for his introductions;
And all our member for a great hour of sitting, strumming and smiling, six feet apart with your masks on, making us all feel a little safer.

Hope to see you all next week, until then Sit, Strum, Sing and Smile.

The success of our UPC sessions is directly attributed to the many talented singers who perform weekly so our members can Sit, Smile, Sing and Strum to the joyous sounds of their marvelous music. Please thank them when you have the chance, they do a great job......

Meeting Etiquette

  • Maintaining your six foot personal space intervals stating seated and not moving the chairs.
  • Wearing your masks before, during and after the session.
  • Signing in at the back of the room.
  • Refraining from singing during the session and letting our singers know what a great job they did for the hour session.  
  •  Singers maintaining their spacing and using the wipes on their mics.
  • REFRAINING FROM ALL UKULELE ACTIVITY (including tuning) in the Everglades Recreation Center LOBBY and surrounding rooms
  • "Loaner Books"  suspended until further notice. 
  • Lost Items: All found items will be turned in at the front desk at the Everglades Recreation Center. We will not drag the items around looking for the owners.

Please let us know if you participated in a recent we can put you in our “CREDITS” Section.

Support our Members

Most of these appearances have been canceled due to the Quarantine Mandate.  Please keep them in mind when we are allowed back to business.

• Mark and Wayne solo with Sparkey’s Strummers during their weekly practice sessions at the Savannah Recreation Center every Thursday at 9 AM.
• Mark, also known as “MrBluSkies,” is available for appearances at private parties and other entertainment venues. Contact him or go to his website at
• If you are participating in a performance event open to the public and would like to use this NEWSLETTER to promote it, please give Tim ALL the information (a leaflet, handout, etc) so we can get ALL the info in the appropriate NEWSLETTER.