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What we do

The Performance Group provides "Sing-A-Longs" for local groups.  Up to 20 - 30 members sing and play for 30 - 60 minutes.  We show words on a screen so our audience can join the fun.  We do not charge a fee but do request a donation that we forward to The Wildwood Food Pantry.




Fri., 9/30, 9 AM, Villages Music Lover's Showcase at the Savannah Center, Rhett Butler Room (Arr. 8:40 AM)
Tues., 10/25, 2 PM, at Paradise R.C. for the Silver Lake Ladies  (Arr: 1:30 PM)
Mon., 12/5, 3 PM at Sea Breezes RC., Classic Cart Club, (Arr. 2:45 PM)
Tues., 12/6, 4:30 PM at Big Cypress RC., Wings of Gold Club, (Arr. 4:15 PM)
Tues., 12/13, 6:30 PM at Bradenton RC., Bradenton Social Club, (Arr. 6:15 PM)
Wed., 1/25/23, 7 PM, at O’Dell RC, for the Chester County, Pa., Club (Arr: 6:40 PM)
Tues., 3/14/23, 7:15 PM, at Bradenton R.C. for the Buenvenuto Americans Heritage 
Club (Arr: 7 PM),.
Fri., 3/17/23, 6:30 PM, at Alamanda R.C., for the Michigan State Alumni Club (Arr. 6:15 PM)
Sat., 6/10/23, 7:00 PM, at Lake Miona R.C., for the ew Jersey Social Club (Arr. 6:45 PM)


Eugene's Great Videos of previous UPC Performance events. Just click the "Link"  prompt on the Performance Info to view.

  • Tues., 12/14/21 Performance at Bradenton R.C.  "LINK"

Reminder to UPC Performers:
Please arrive 15-20 minutes before Performance.
Dress neatly in bright colored clothes. Gentlemen please wear long pants.

Singers sit in front row.
Pick a chair and leave an item on it. Hold off on music stands and ukes.
Please, no playing and/or singing until we start the show.
Please start songs together and sing together. Dennis will do intros.
Sit, Smile, Sing and Strum..........have a great time.

Received this comment from one of our members:
"One of my friends attended the 'Scandinavia Club' meeting and was greatly impressed by the performance. He especially enjoyed the hula and the military medley. Thought you would like to know how impressive the performance group was."


The Ukulele Players Club at the 2019 Music Lover's Showcase 9/27/19

Thank you Eugene for the video.

UPC Performance Group was honored to perform on 4/17/19 at the American Legion for the Welcome Home Party for Honor Flight. We went on at 11:00 PM!

More photos from recent performances...

8418 performance coast guard club
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