UPC offers several classes.  These classes are held prior to our general session most Thursdays.

“First Step” at 12:45 PM with Claire, Darry, Raye and Ray.  Start at the beginning.  Learn how to hold and tune the ukulele, some basic strumming and how to play a few chords.

“Next Step” at 12:45 PM with Tim and Carol.  Lean to play in the keys of "C", "G", "D", "A", and "F."  Lean additional strumming rhythms, fInger style, and  other ukulele methods.

“Baritone” at 12:45 PM with Cody.  (Baritone ukulele strings are tuned "D G B E").

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Need to find a chord?  Here is a handy chord chart for standard ukulele tuning (GCEA)

Quick Start I with Claire
Quick Start I with Claire
Quick Start II with Vinnie
Quick Start II with Vinnie
Next Step with Tim
Next Step with Tim

Meet the Teaching Team

CLAIRE Manchester, NH
Registered Nurse Harmonica, keyboards
Mansfield, MA Computer security. Golf, hanging with friends
Albany, NY Albany Police, ret., Golf, Coaching Football, Teaching Ukulele
Montgomery Village, MD
Coast Guard, ret.
Math Teacher
Golf, air guns, wood working, tai chi

Ready to get started?

Come join us.  We're at the Everglades Rec Center every Thursday afternoon.  Doors open at 12:40PM.