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"Jim’s Ukulele Songbook”  Jim Carey maintains an excellent ukulele songbook that contains thousands of songs for the uke.  His web page can be found here –>  https://ozbcoz.com/  On his site you can download his songbook by clicking on the “Songbooks” tab or click on the “Songs” tab to see a list and link to all of the songs.  Choosing the “Songs” tab will get you a more up to date version than the songbook plus provide you with additional functions, such as search and editing capabilities.


For some great Ukulele insight, information and reference please take a look at our own Larry Martin ‘s Uke Syllabus: An Introduction to Basic Music Theory for the Ukulele.” Just click here and enjoy.

Essentials of Strumming
We all like to strum, and there are a variety of strumming patterns. However, more important than the pattern are the basic mechanics of strumming: exactly how to do it.
Professional James Hill breaks down the strum into four essential components:
1. Posture – shape of your hand while strumming
2. Path – the path your hand takes as it goes past the strings
3. Position – where your hand ends up making contacts with the strings
4. Pressure – how much force is behind the strum
Check out a superb 12-minute video by Hill on strumming mechanics, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRFPci9rZrQ.

Free Tutorials by Stu Fuchs



“Rockabilly for Uke: Uke-a-billy, Vol. 1, Classic Rock n Roll....” Ukulele Zen by Stuart Fuchs at www.stufuchs.com

“Uke Syllabus: An Introduction to Basic Music Theory for the Ukulele" by Larry Martin at:         http://www.lakesidepress.com/UkeSyllabus.pdf

Ukulele Chord Chart at www.Walrusproductions.com

“Ukulele Aerobics” by Chad Johnson, w/CD...available through Amazon.

“Ukulele for Dummies” Everything you wanted to know/learn. W/CD. Available at Amazon.

Hal Leonard’s “Ukulele Method Book #1” w/Lil Rev. Basic chords, strums, melody w/ tabs. Amazon

Hal Leonard’s “Ukulele Method Book #2” w/Lil Rev. Advanced chords, strums, advanced melody w/ tabs.

Hal Leonard’s “Ukulele Chords”. All chords/positions. Amazon.

“Watch & Learn Ukulele Primer” w/DVD by Bert Casey. Basic chords, strums, melody.

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