Next UPC Session on Thursday, 2/15
in the
Grand Canyon Theater
Everglades R.C.
The Villages, Fl.

Dropbox:   To download the free version of Dropbox for your electronic device, navigate your browser to:  HTTPS://WWW.DROPBOX.COM/BASIC

Usual Session Schedule

  • 12:30 PM- Set Up, Classes, Loaner Uke Tuners, Sound System
  • 12:45 PM- First Step and Next Step Classes
  • 1:45 PM- Doors open, song sign ups
  • 2:00 PM- Open Sing (1 Hour)

February, 2024 Schedule

  • Feb. 1st - Regular Session
  • Feb 8th - Rocky Mtn Room
  • Feb. 15th -Regular Session
  • Feb 22nd  -DARK

2024 UPC Dark Days
Thursday 2/22/24  
Thursday 8/15/24
Thursday 11/28/24

10/26 Halloween Revue

2/8 Session in Review
We would like to thank the members who assisted us during the 2/1 Session:
Set Up: Maurice, Dennis, Debbie and Ray.
Classes: Claire, Darry and Ray (First Step(25 Folks)) and Tim (Next Step- Key of G)
Projector: Jean
Bass: Jean and John
Maestro: Dennis
Emcee: Bill
Sound: Debbie
All our Singers. Great job by all our singers.
Attendance 120  Folks.


Sign ups for our Next Performances:

Mon., 2/19 for the Mission Oaks Assisted Living (Small Group.

Wed., 2/21 at 6 PM n the Hibiscus RC for Westchester Way SC.

Recent Performances
- Sun.,2/4, 6:45 PM in the Coconut Cove RC for Alexa Villas (Five Star)
- Wed., 2/7 at 11 AM in the Hearthstone Asst. Living Facility, Oxford.(Small Group)

Dennis announced Hearthstone assisted Living has requested additional performances by the UOPC Small Group (See Performance Group schedule for details.)

Roxy will be performing with the Village Voices Chorus on March 12th at 6 PM in their "Let Music Fill Your Soul" show   at the North Lake Presbyterian  Church.

Cody will be performing on:
Fri., 2/9, 7-10 PM at the Colony Cottage RC for the Beatles 60th Anniversary Celebration

Supporting our Members as they perform at various venues.  Details at:
Go to
           "PERFORMANCES By

UPC Song Books
Darry has UPC Song Books($15.)  and  Amendments (new songs(($2.))

The Ukulele Cafe is now open at 1 PM, on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month at the Laurel Manor RC. Stop by and strum and sing with your friends or some new friends. Projected materials, Books and Dropbox.

Support other ukulele friendly clubs......see  list below.

Performance Group Schedule  click here to go to the Performance Group page

Dennis is starting the sign up lists for our next two Performances,

2024 Recap of UPC Performance Group Shows

  • Sat., 1/4 at the Coconut Cove RC
  • Tues., 1/9 at the Coconut Cove RC
  • Thurs., 1/18 at the Alzheimer's Support Group at the UMC in Lady Lake
  • Sun.,2/4, 6:45 PM in the Coconut Cove RC for Alexa Villas 
  • Wed., 2/7 at 11 AM in the Hearthstone Asst. Living Facility, Oxford.(Small Group)

UPC Small Performance Group Performances at Residence Facilities: See Our 2024 Lists


The UPC is very proud of our members who participate in recognized performances with the UPC Performance Group and with other clubs.  Please let us know if you participated in a recent we can put you in our “CREDITS” Section.

  • Mark, John, Sue, Kate, Robin and Wayne solo with Sparkey’s Strummers during their weekly practice sessions at the Savannah Recreation Center every Thursday at 9 AM.
  • Mark, known as “MrBluSkies,” is available for appearances at private parties and other entertainment venues. Contact him or go to his website at
  • Cody performs at various venues around the Villages.
  • Glenn performs with the band "Rewind."

Village Ukulele Clubs

Many of the Ukulele Friendly Clubs are open. Please check with the Recreation News for further information.

  • Peace, Love & Ukulele Club– 1st, 2nd& 3rdMonday @ 10:30 Am @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Ukulele Cafe– 1st, 2nd& 4th Mondays @ 1:30 PM @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Folk SingingMonday @ 7:00 PM @ Lake Miona RC
  • “Hummers and Strummers”- Tues., @ 10:00 Am in the Cape Hatteras Room at the Bridgeport RC
  • “Mike Ryan's Banjolele Strings Club”-Tues., @ 12:00 Noon at the O’Dell RC
  • Villages Ukulele Club - Tues., @ 4:00 PM at Chula Vista RC
  • UKULELE PLAYERS CLUB –Thurs. @ 12:50  in the Grand Canyon Theater, at the Everglades RC
  • “Strum for Fun Club”,  Thurs. @ 4:00 PM at the Sterling Heights RC.