Next Session:  Thursday, May 30th in the

Grand Canyon Theater, Everglades Recreation Center.

Please have a safe Memorial Day Weekend



Watch our UPC performance at the BMW Z Club on March 6, 2024.

Wonderful party on Dec. 7...more pictures here.               


UPC Performance Group

We have re-organized our web pages to be a bit more efficient.  Material (photos, etc.) pertaining to particular performances will be on sub-pages linked to the Performance Group Page (see main menu above).

Here is a link that you will also find on the main performance group page.

Dec. 2023 UPC Performance Group at the Kia Club

To learn more about our UPC meetings, classes, and the UPC Performance Group (including gig schedule), please click the buttons below to navigate to web pages with more information about these topics.

Check out where and when our talented members are performing by clicking on "Events" and then "Performances by UPC Members." 

2024 Dark Days
Aug. 15th, 2024
Nov. 28th, 2024

Song Sheets  Ukulele Players Club song sheets are available from our shared DropBox folder.  If you would like us to share our Dropbox folder with you, send us an email ( and we will send you a link that you can use to add our shared folder to your Dropbox account.  (Google "Free DropBox" to download the free version of DropBox.)  If you would like to install Dropbox on your device (computer, tablet, etc.) you can download a FREE version of Dropbox.  Navigate your browser to   For those who prefer a printed book of our songs, printed songbooks are available for  $15.00.

Newsletter    - for further information about the last session, future sessions, Classes, UPC Performances, UPC Member Credits, Other Village ukulele clubs and News, Session Reviews and Activities please click  "Newsletter"   to go to the Newsletter section of this web site.

UPC Meeting Etiquette

  • Seating plan allots seating for 90+ attendees.  
  • Accommodations will be handled by Everglades RC Staff.
  • Song sheets displayed on several screens.
  • UPC Sound System only -  four open mics.
  • Singers can pick favorite songs rom our play list, see Bill to sign up for a song before the session starts.
  • Please sing UPC arrangements only (key, rhythm, etc.)
Where else can I play my ukulele in The Villages?          Some clubs are "ukulele clubs," where everyone plays ukulele.  Other clubs are "ukulele friendly,"  where members play a mix of instruments, but ukuleles are welcome.   Click the button for a list of clubs that welcome ukulele players.


Strum with us!  Playing the ukulele is one of the fastest growing crazes not only in The Villages but in the country.  On January 30, 2020, we moved to our current location - Everglades Recreation Center  where we hold our regular Thursday sessions.  At our general sessions, those who would like to lead songs come to one of four microphones to sing.  Our song sheets are projected onto multiple screens so that no matter where you are seated, you can see one of them and play and strum along.  Don't worry about hitting a wrong note... with so many ukuleles no one will know.  How many balls did Tiger hit before he won a tournament?  If you come wearing a frown, you'll leave wearing a smile.

See you Thursday at Everglades Recreation Center.