Some of our members entertain solo or in a group or perform with other clubs.  Below is a list of performances we know about and some links to UPC member entertainers with social media pages.  If you spot errors or missing information, please let us know.  If you are a UPC member participating in a performance event open to the public and would like to list it here, please give Tim the information (a leaflet, handout, etc.).  Thanks.

Debbie will be performing in the murder mystery listed below.

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Dr. Marc Rhoades ("Marc"), is also known as “MrBluSkies.”    He is available for appearances at private parties and other entertainment venues.  Contact him or go to his website at

Roxy is a member of the Village Voices Chorus and will be performing March 12, 2024.

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If you are on Facebook, you can follow Cody Lesser at   Cody Musician

Here are some of Cody's performances -
  • Feb 1, 2024 Angel Wigs of Hope Charity & Fashion Show, 2-4p Lake Miona Rec Center $15
  • Feb 9, 2024 Beatles 60th Anniversary Celebration, 7-10p Colony Cottage Rec Center
20240201 Steppin Out in Style
20240202 Beatlemaniacs Ed Sullivan

Mark, John, Sue, Kate, Robin, Wayne and Glenn solo with Sparkey’s Strummers during their weekly practice sessions at the Savannah Recreation Center every Thursday at 9 AM.  These practice sessions are open to the public.  Typically there is an audience of 50 - 100 on Thursday mornings.


Sparky's Strummers

Notable Sparky's Strummers Performances by Sparky's Performance Group


  • Tues, 1/3 at the Chatham RC
    Mon., 1/16 at the Lake Miona RC.
    Thurs., 1/26 at the Oxford Church
    Thurs., 2/9 at the Music Lovers Showcase a the Savannah RC
    Tues., 2/21 at the Eisenhower RC..Mardi Gras Celebration
    Sat., 3/4 at the Laurel Manor RC for the Splish Splash Club
    Sun., 3/19 at the Eisenhower RC. For theAnnual Tea Party
    Thurs., 3/23 at Mulberry RC for Hazelwood Street Club
    Tues., 4/4 at Mulberry RC for Springdale Social Club
    Tues.,4/25 at The Pokahumpka Starts Park, Korean War Veterans
    Mon., 5/22 at Alamanda RC for Lakeside Loopers.
    Fri., 6/9 at Churchill RC for the Moravian Mixer
    Tues., 5/62 at Watercrest Assisted Living.
    Sun., 9/24 at Laurel Manor RC  foe OSU Club
    Thurs., 9/28 at the Music Lover's Showcase/Savannah RCSilver Strummers


  • Tues., 1/31 at the O'Dell RC
    Mon., 3/27 At United Baptist Church
    Fri., 4/28 at the LaHacienda RC for the Villages Singles
    Tues., 5/23 at O'Dell RC for the Daybreak Club.Happy Together
    Sun., 1/22, 2/26, 3/26 , 4/30, 5/21  at the Mystic Ice Cream Shop
    Peace, Love and Ukulele
    Fri., 2/10 at the Music Lovers Showcase at the Savannah RC.
    Wed., 6/21 at the Canal Street RC for Single Ladies Social Club.
    Mon., 8/28 at LahAcienda RC.
    Thurs., 9/7 at the Eisenhower RC.
    Thurs., 9/28 at the Music Lover's Showcase/Savannah RC

"Happy Together"

Diane and Alma perform with the "Happy Together" group at the Mystic Ice Cream Store on 466A in Lady Lake.

REWIND BAND - Cody (guitar and vocals) and Glenn (keyboards) perform with the REWIND BAND.  In addition to the band's private bookings, it puts on 2-3 free public concerts each year.  The next free public concert is scheduled for April 1, 2024.  See Cody or Glenn in March for final details.

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The British Invasion Band - performances

October 22, 2023 - Brits ’n US club at Truman Center

UPC Small Performance Group performances at residence facilities in 2023

Banyan Residence Assisted Living Resort in Oxford.
1/2, 2/27, 3/28, 5/5, 8/28  Watercrest Assisted Living, Rt 466, The Villages

Notable Individual Performances of 2023

  • Thurs., 2/9 Cody performed at the Sunny Pint Micro Brewery in Wildwood.
  • Thurs., 2/9 Marc Performed as MrBlu Skies at the Music Lovers Showcase.
  • Thurs., Fri., and Sat.,3/2-3/4 Debbie performed in the Village Players performance of "Man of LaMancha" at the Savannah RC.
  • Tues., 3/14 Roxy performed with the Village Voices Chorus Concert 25th Anniversary Final
    Mon., 9/11 Debby Asand - the NationalAnthem at the 9/11 Ceremony at Veteran's Park.
Ukulele Friendly Clubs in The Villages

Here are some clubs you might like to try.  Some are primarily for ukulele players.  Others are "ukulele-friendly" in that ukeleles are welcome among other instruments.  Please check with the Recreation News for further information.

  • Peace, Love & Ukulele Club1st, 2nd& 3rdMonday @ 10:30 Am @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Ukulele Cafe (Formerly known as "Strumming Ukulelians"  1st, 2nd& 4thMonday @ 1:30 PM @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Goodrich Folk Group Monday @ 7:00 PM @ Lake Miona RC
  • Ukulele Players Club –Thurs. @ 12:50  in the Grand Canyon Theater, at the Everglades RC
  • “Strum for Fun Club”,  Thurs. @ 4:00 PM at the Sterling Heights RC.
  • “Hummers and Strummers”- Tues., @ 10:00 Am in the Cape Hatteras Room at the Bridgeport RC
    “Mike Ryan's Banjolele Strings Club.@ 12:00 Noon at the O’Dell RC
  • Villages Ukulele Club@ 4:00 PM at Chula Vista RC