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Ukulele Players Club Newsletter

Next UPC Session on Thursday, 9/28
Grand Canyon Theater
Everglades R.C.
The Villages, Fl.

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Usual Session Schedule 

12:30 PM- Set Up, Classes, Loaner Uke Tuners, Sound System
12:45 PM- First Step and Next Step Classes
1:45 PM- Doors open, song sign ups

2:00 PM- Open Sing (1 Hour)
SEPTEMBER 2023 Schedule 
Grand Canyon Theater, Classes/Open Sing - Thurs.,  9/14, 9/21, 9/28
Rocky Mountain/Acadia Art Rooms – Thurs., 9/7 

2023 UPC Dark Days
Thursday, 11/23 Session (Thanksgiving)
Thursday 12/14 Sthursday 12/14 Session

UPC News

9/14 Session Review

  • In the Grand Canyon Theater
  • System Set Up with Dennis, Cody, Maurice, Debbie and Ray. 
  • Breakdown with  Ray, Dennis, Diane and Debbie.
  • Bill at EMCEE.....Great job......
  • Dennis at Maestro
  • First Step with Claire, Darry, Raye, Carol and Ray - Nice Crowd
  • Dennis hosted "Next Step". Key of G next week.
  • Cody in his Third week "Baritone Class- Introduction" 
  • Ken has some fine custom made Ukulele Name tags...stop by and get yours.
  • UPC Song Books are for sale, from Darry and Ken, $15
  • Thank You: Debbie-sound system, Linda, Jean-projector, Jean, John - bass,  Maestro Dennis, JB on d Uke,  Emcee Bill and all our great singers for making the open sing session a great success.


  • Sign Ups begin for our two performances: (See Info Below)
    • Monday, 9/25 in the LaHacienda RC at 7:30 PM. (Arr. 7:15 PM)
    • Friday, September 29th  Villages "Music Lover's Showcase" in the Ashley Wilkes Room at the Savannah Center -3:45 PM to 4:45 PM.  (Arr. 3:30 PM) Further information to follow. 
  • Next week's session will be in the Grand Canyon Theater. 
  • Cody is competing his four week "Baritone Class- Introduction". 
  • Tim in Next Step on 9/28.
  • Villages Ukulele Club, Mike Ryan's Banjolele Strings and Hummers and Strummers are all in session.  Be there.
  • Debbie will be staring in the KC Production of the Musical "Grump Old Men" on October 25th, 26th and 27th at the Savannah RC Theater. Tidkets are $37 per and available at the Villages Box Office.
  • Roxy will be performing with the Village Voices Chorus in their production of "I Hear America Singing" at the Northlake Presbyterian Church on October 17th at 6 PM. Tickets available on line at VillageVoicesChorus@gmail.com. 
  • Check out info below on The Music Lover's Showcase-where and when our members will be performing. "SUPPORT OUR MEMBERS. 
  • UPC members participating in the Villages Music Lovers's Showcase at the Savannah RC:
    • Thursday
      • 10:15 Am - "Sparkey's Strummers" in the Ashley WIlkes Room (Marc, Wayne, JB, Sue.)
      • 5:30 PM - "Peace, Love and Ukuleles" in the Charleston Room (Diane, Lee, Vicki, Mike, Sally, Bill, Ginny, Ellen, JB et al.)
    • Friday
      • 12:45 PM - "Rewind" in the Rhett Butler Room (Glenn)
      • 1:45 PM - "The Village Harmonica Club" in the Atlanta Room. (Claire, Ray Erwin and Pete)
      • 3:45 PM "The Ukulele Players Club" in the Ashley Wilkes Room
      • 5:45 PM  "Mr. Bluskies" (Marc) Come out and support our members.

Performance Group Schedule
Upcoming performances - Check your calendar and reserve the date.

Mon., 9/25 at 7:30 PM in the LaHacienda RC for the Raymavia Social Club.(Arr. 7:15 PM)

Fri., 9/29 at 3:45 PM in the Savannah RC for the Villages Music Lover's Showcase. (Arr. 3:15)
Try to enter by using the Kirchen entrance at the rear of the building.
Parking is tight so you may have to park out front an walk to the rear of the building.
You can leave your personal items, cases, coats on table as the rear of the Ashley Wilkes Room.
Find a seat and leave a book or iPad on it. Try to keep the aisles free.
Singers should sit in the front row. or on the ends of the rows.
Put up music stands when we are seated for the show.
We will assemble in the Kitchen and try to seat by rows. If you have fans there, meet them in audience and take your seat as we call. Be careful.
Please clear immediately after the show, there is another group to follow us and the staff will need to rest.
Meet family friends in the hallway.
We have two strollers, Carol and Linda. If you are not singing please stay seated.
Just Sit, Smile, Strum and Sing and have a great time.

Tues., 10/24, at 1:15-1:30 PM in the Paradise RC for the Silver Lake Ladies Club.

Mon., 10/30, 3 PM at the Watercrest Residence Assisted Living 466. (Small Group)

Mon., 12/11, 3 PM at the Watercrest Residence Assisted Living 466. (Small Group)

Tues.,, 12/12, 6:30 PM at Bradenton RC for the Bradenton Social Club (Arr. 6:15 PM)

Wed., 12/27, 7 PM at Bradenton RC for the Bradenton Social Club.

We continue to book performances for the UPC Performance Group so please check the schedule below and mark your calendars. Your participation is needed and appreciated.


2023 UPC Performance Group  Shows In the Books

Thurs., 1/5, the UPC Performance Group at the Coconut Cove RC.

Wed., 1/25. the UPC Performance Group at theO'Dell RC.

Fri., 2/10,  the UPC Performance Group at the Music Lover's Showcase at the Savannah RC.

Thurs., 2/16, the UPC Performance Group at the Savannah RC.

Fri., 3/17, 6:30 PM st the Alamanda RC for the Michigan St. Alumni Club

Fri., 5/5 at the Lady Lake Senior Living Facility.

Tues., 5/9,  at Bradenton RC for the Benvenuto American Heritage Club

Thurs., 5/11, at Laurel Manor RC for the Belveder Social Club

Fri., 6/2,  at the Colony RC for the Brooklyn Club 

Thurs., 6/8,  Pensacola Neighborhood Party (Opeation  Shoebox) at 3805 Pensecola Place 

Sat., 6/10, at the Lake Miona RC for the Jersey Club

Mon., 8/28, 3 PM at the Watercrest Residence Assisted Living 466. (Small Group)

2023 UPC Member Credits
Please Mon., 8/28, 3 PM at the Watercrest Residence Assisted Living 466. (Small Group) let us know if you participated in a recent performance....so we can put you in our “CREDITS” Section.
The UPC is every proud of our members who participate in recognized performances with the UPC Performance Group or other Clubs.

Sparkeys Strummers
Tues, 1/3 at the Chatham RC
Mon., 1/16 at the Lake Mionas RC.
Thurs., 1/26 at the Oxford Church
Thurs., 2/9 at the Music Lovers Showcase a the Savannah RC
Tues., 2/21 at the Eisenhower RC..Mardi Gras Celebration
Sat., 3/4 at the Laurel Manor RC for the Splish Splash Club
Sun., 3/19 at the Eisenhower RC. For theAnnual Tea Party
Thurs., 3/23 at Mulberry RC for Hazelwood Street Club
Tues., 4/4 at Mulberry RC for Springdale Social Club
Tues.,4/25 at The Pokahumpka Starts Park, Korean War Veterans
Mon., 5/22 at Alamanda RC for Lakeside Loopers.
Fri., 6/9 at Churchill RC for the Moravian Mixer
Tues., 5/62 at Watercrest Assisted Living.

Silver Strummers
Tues., 1/31 at the O'Dell RC
Mon., 3/27 At United Baptist Church
Fri., 4/28 at the LaHacienda RC for the Villages Singles
Tues., 5/23 at O'Dell RC for the Daybreak Club.

Happy Together
Sun., 1/22, 2/26, 3/26 , 4/30, 5/21  at the Mystic Ice Cream Shop
Peace, Love and Ukulele
Fri., 2/10 at the Music Lovers Showcase at the Savannah RC.
Wed., 6/21 at the Canal Street RC for Single Ladies Social Club.
Mon., 8/28 at LahAcienda RC.
Thurs., 9/7 at the Eisenhower RC.

Please let us know if you participated in a recent performance....so we can put you in our “CREDITS” Section.

UPC Individual MEMBER Performances for 2023

Thurs., 2/9 Cody performed at the Sunny Pint Micro Brewery in Wildwood.
Thurs., 2/9 Marc Performed as MrBlu Skies at the Music Lovers Showcase.
Thurs., Fri., and Sat.,3/2-3/4 Debbie performed in the Village Players performance of "Man of LaMancha" at the Savannah RC.
Tues., 3/14 Roxy performed with the Village Voices Chorus Concert 25th Anniversary Final
Mon., 9/11 Debby asand the National Anthem at the 9/11 Ceremony at Veteran's Park.

UPC Small Performance Group Performances at Residence Facilities:

Banyan Residence Assisted Living Resort in Oxford.
1/2, 2/27, 3/28, 5/5

Watercrest Assisted Living, Rt 466, The Villages

Support our Members

  • Mark, John, Sue, Kate, Robin and Wayne solo with Sparkey’s Strummers during their weekly practice sessions at the Savannah Recreation Center every Thursday at 9 AM.
  • Mark, also known as “MrBluSkies,” is available for appearances at private parties and other entertainment venues. Contact him or go to his website at www.mrbluskies.com.
    • If you are participating in a performance event open to the public and would like to use this NEWSLETTER to promote it, please give Tim ALL the information (a leaflet, handout, etc) so we can get ALL the info in the appropriate NEWSLETTER.
  • Diane and Alma perform with the "Happy Together" group at the Mystic Ice Cream Store on 466A in Lady Lake.

Village Ukulele Clubs

Many of the Ukulele Friendly Clubs are open. Please check with the Recreation News for further information.

  • Peace, Love & Ukulele Club1st, 2nd& 3rdMonday @ 10:30 Am @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Strumming Ukulelians1st, 2nd& 4thMonday @ 1:30 PM @ Laurel Manor RC
  • Folk SingingMonday @ 7:00 PM @ Lake Miona RC
  • UKULELE PLAYERS CLUBThurs. @ 12:50  in the Grand Canyon Theater, at the Everglades RC
  • “Strum for Fun Club”,  Thurs. @ 4:00 PM at the Sterling Heights RC.
  • “Hummers and Strummers”- Tues., @ 10:00 Am in the Cape Hatteras Room at the Bridgeport RC
    “Banjolele Strings Club.@ 12:00 Noon at the O’Dell RC
  • Villages Ukulele Club@ 4:00 PM at Chula Vista RC

A Special Thank You for Our Weekly UPC Supporters

Dennis our Maestro, sound engineer and Performance Group Leader;
Bill  - our Emcee;
Darry - our UPC Librarian,
Jean - projectionist, and bassist;
Linda - our projectionist,
John - bassist;
Ralph, Maurice, Debbie, Cody, Dennis and Ray our Set Up Team.

And all our members for a great hour of sitting, strumming and smiling  and social distancing making us all feel a little safer. 

Thank you all for volunteering and making a big difference in the happy hour we all spend together..


UPC Songbooks are available for purchase at Club Meetings while supplies last.  $15.00 or $20.00 . with the binder. See Darry or Ken.

UPC Songbooks are available in DropBox.  No charge.  Send an email request to: info@ukuleleplayersclub.com

UPC Songbook will soon be available as a PDF file.

Don't forget your Ukulele Club Name Tags.

Meeting Etiquette

  • Your cooperation during the seating process.
  • Sharing your time at the  Mics.
  • REFRAINING FROM ALL UKULELE ACTIVITY (including tuning) in the Everglades Recreation Center LOBBY and surrounding rooms
  • Lost Items: All found items will be turned in at the front desk at the Everglades Recreation Center. We will not drag the items around looking for the owners.